Saturday, 13 October 2012

Running inspiration

Running has been a very useful tool and friend to me. I discovered it slightly more than a decade ago when I was in uni. Actually, I did run a bit during my school days but it was just for fun; school sports day, and there was this one instance that I happen to win the school's jogathon when I was in my 5th form. Always the underdog... Just as it was today when I came in jogging attire surrounded by professional looking runners everywhere at the MAKSAK run at Putrajaya. I was registered under the Women's Invitation category, an 8 kilometre race. It was a pleasant surprise to come up out of nowhere and to clinch 1st placing, especially when I was beaten by a veteran lady runner name Vicky of DBKL who is in her 50s. Malu, malu... hehehe... 

Running taught me a lot of things, especially about myself. It is a tool to siphon out my stress during those brain clogging days at work, my confidante when I needed space to reason out my troubled mind, my solace when I am faced with adversities in life, as well as my friend to keep myself healthy, mind body and soul.

I'm a thinker and at times I think a lot. Running helps me with my thinking. It can make me think creatively, come up with ideas and at times, experience that light-bulb moment. If I feel like clearing my head, running is a good avenue too. There's so much benefit I get from running. Today's entry somehow concentrates more on the mental part of it. Apart from that, it helps with good intestinal tract system, gives you healthier glowing skin, makes you feel good as it releases the feel good hormone endorphin and many more things.  

Today's run meant a lot to me somehow. It was a time I used to reason out with the adversities I faced, the struggles and the torment that runs through my head. The questionings of "what if"s and "if I didn't..." or "if I did...". As I ran today, when my feet felt like letting go, I had to psyche myself to stay focus, don't stop, keep running, just as how it was during my running days when I had my coaches telling me from the side of the track while running a race... now I no longer have that luxury. I am my own cheerleader. I have to tell myself I can do it. I have to tell myself I can overcome the odds. I have to tell myself that I am strong. Nobody's going to run my race for me, I have to run it myself. Finishing a race is one thing. Running a race is a whole other thing. Everybody can reach the finishing line. However, it is how you get to there that matters, just like how things work in life. 

Sazaly, yours truly and Mizi with our respective rewards.
I just want to praise God Almighty, Jehovah Jireh ~ He provided me the strength to run... I thank God for this ability, it means so much to me. There are times when I run, I will be talking to Him. It's the best quiet time I can get. A run gives me great joy. It's a way to feel that you're alive, breathing the air, feeling the ground, sweat coming out of your skin ~ a good way to appreciate your life. I would like to dedicate all my runs; my training, my competition to the good Lord for He has blessed me much through it. 

Goodnight y'all. Thank you Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.