Friday, 21 September 2012

Feline Friend

"Ooohhh... mamau..." that's how I'd speak to Fatty, my cat (pic). I just loooove cats. I grew up with cats and dogs but somehow I have a more special affection with cats. I guess I like them cats because they are adorable in their own ways, manja,  independent, demure, soft and furry. Oh... I miss my Fatty...

Whenever I return to Kuching, when I go to bed at night, Fatty would meow away from right outside my window, begging me to let her into my room. When I've horizontally placed myself on bed, she would crept up to my feet and sit on it. LOL! She's heavy alright but I like her warmth. However, of late, Fatty no longer sleeps with me anymore. Last I return to Kuching, my mom made me sleep in my sister's room. During the previous trips before that, I still sleep in my room. However, there was an incident whereby in the middle of the night, Fatty had her seizure and bit my finger, that was when I had to not let her enter my room any longer.

Fatty has epileptic fit. It started off when she kept sleeping on the Astro decoder box. I have the impression that perhaps it was caused by the electricity or some kind of wavelength that messed up with her neurons. It's just a guess, I can't say, I only assume. Besides Fatty, I have 2 other orange cats. Her sister Mamau and an older cat name Kinky. Mamau usually sleeps with my brother whose room happens to be next to mine. I'll have Fatty over. Kinky has been the custodian of our family "kebun" house in Samarahan for quite a long time. At one time, Kinky grew big, long, and fat. But now that she has grown old and a lil more cranky, she has shrunk somewhat, a shadow of her former glory. She's a lot more grumpy than she used to be.

I remember as a child, I had a lot of black and white or shall I say, cow patterned cats. LOL! The mother cat was called Mimiey, I thing there was Mimiau too... one of my cats was called Kitty even. However, at the end of the day, you just call out "Meow, meow, meow, meow", they would all rush to your side. Again, it was my brother and I who grew up with the cow cats. But that batch didn't last and for a good number of years, we were cat-less until Kinky came along. Aunty Alice was our so-called cat supplier. Hui Ling has a cow cat at home. Oh yeah, not forgetting another cat lover, Jojo. hehe...

Living in a condo doesn't really give me the privilege to have a cat. Yeah sure, boleh curi-curi simpan kucing tapi kalau travelling nanti siapa nak jaga? I know they have pet hotels. Hmm... I would love to have pets but only if I stay in a landed property. Rumah awangan ni susah sikit. Ah well, someday I guess...

Talking about cats just make me feel like a little girl again. I know I sound childish but cats always make me feel excited. I love them. Feel like hugging them. Playing around with them. For now, I just look at their pictures online. Sometimes, I feel like I'm like a lil Kitty too. I guess I can relate with cats. I see some of my traits are like that of a cat. LOL. Wishful thinking... goodnight peeps!

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