Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Project overdue :: (Re-)starting a blog

Hello, hello!!!

Aaaaahh!!! So relieved that I have finally decided to create a blog again. I've been mourning my old blog and much ado about nothing about it for quite a while... until... after some observation and personal reflection on electronic social media, I've decided to open up an account and start blogging... again.

blog background: Northampton's pink rose
Yeah, you read that twice alright. AGAIN. I used to have an account with Friendster during my uni days. Kitty K8's Bloggie (yeah, lame...). It was a whole bunch of memories that obliterated into thin air when Friendster decided to turn into a gaming space. How sad. My blog used to concentrate more on my passion for my beloved sports - running. In between, I had recipes - yes I love cooking and still do love cooking; personal reflections, ... can't really remember much, but for most of the part, it was about my track and field experience, how I've come a long way and why I love that sports so much.

Times a-changing, It's been 5 yrs since I left uni and entered the working field. My writing style or gist will probably differ from what I used to write during my uni days as my experience in life has grown. I will post some of my previous postings from my previous blog (if I can still find the drafts) from time to time to keep the memories alive.

Muka excited kunun...
After dragging my feet (or rather, finger) to do it, I finally made it happen!!! Haha... yes I sound excited alright. Very the VERY!!! My initial thought of creating this blog is to put out my thoughts and expressions where I can feel that there's more privacy and that there are things that I can just blurt out and not care a rat's ass about what other's might think or perceive of my views. Hey, this is my space. You don't like it? F*ck off!! Not my problem, it's yours. (ops... cool, cool... time to calm down)

So, yeah. That's the initial (or rather long) introduction, or, if you must call it, "welcome speech" to you readers. Welcome to the canvas of my mind, where I shall paint myriads of pictures of my thoughts for you to "read" me and understand me as a person better. I must firstly put it out that, hell yeah, I'm not perfect, pardonez moi if I do spell wrongly, go grammatically wrong or just don't sound SANE at times to you -  like I said, my entry are my personal thoughts.  

So... there you have it, and may I conclude in French : Bienvenue sur la blog de Mlle. Petite Chat (Welcome to Miss Kitty Kate's Blog!). A bientot et bonne nuit, mes amis!!!


  1. Hhahahah I love the fuck off bit! way to go! :)

  2. thought of toning it down but then it defeats the purpose if I truly were to express my angry self. LOL! my apologies to those offended... but then again, this IS my blog. haha. Freedom of expression.